Nerecina is Couture made in Los Angeles exclusively for women with curves. Luxurious, customizable, and ethically produced bridal and formalwear for plus size.

Nerecina is luxury and couture fashion for plus size women. Our mission is to design and create bridal and formalwear that is luxurious, customizable, and ethically made— without worrying about the size tag. Our couture pieces are made-to-order and ethically produced in Los Angeles.

For plus size women, finding bridal and formalwear that is couture, customizable, ethically produced, and made specifically for us is a challenge. Many of the brands who cater to plus women sell cliche styles of clothing, lacking quality of design and fabrics. In retail, plus sizing is limited. Most major brands offer extended sizing without understanding the plus sized body, often just sizing up the original small-sized patterns.

The luxury and couture fashion industry has never been inclusive or body positive, and it needs to change. 67% of women in the United States is a size 14 or larger, and we need brands to cater to us. When we shop, don't have a wide array of choices for luxury, fashion-forward clothing like our smaller-sized counterparts. The Nerecina brand fills that void.

Nerecina's goal is to change the way women shop by creating stunning, unique designs in luxurious fabrics, doing away with categories and ideals, and offering customization options for every style we sell— while being socially responsible and promoting body positivity.